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【東方Vocal】 Bad Apple!! feat.nomico (Nhato Remix) 「Alstroemeria Records」 【Subbed】

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26 Responses

  1. Many thanks to kafka-fuura for translating this great Bad Apple remix by Nhato which is I think by far one of the best remixes I have ever listened.
    I have also added lyrics too so my dear friends, please turn on captions in order to view kanji, romaji and and English translated lyrics on the video!
    Thanks in advance and (ヾ(´・ω・`)♪ Enjoy!

  2. tae tae says:

    so many people's brains blowing away from multiple beatdrops down in the comment, jesus this is amazing

  3. yume mirai says:

    Okay this is a pretty decent bad apple remix I gues– 0:58 ohhHH

  4. 依神紫苑 says:

    SliderBreak.exe is Enabled

  5. 何でか知らないけどRemix版の方が好きかも…勿論原曲も好きだよ!!

  6. Fucking hell my headphones wouldn't stop vibrating for their lives because of this song-

  7. this is a fucking amazing song right here

  8. 神谷桜 says:


  9. amizul mizul says:

    This song good use to play mobile legend..

  10. Massive mózgozwęglacz is here

  11. Cyanic says:

    I don't know why youtube recommended this to me, but I'm glad it did

  12. ゴマサラ says:


  13. The Badder Apple, which means its great.

  14. who else thinks this is better than the original

  15. Gerion Stell says:

    И конечно не будем забывать что Bad Apple тема Элли. А не просто тот самый клип.

  16. How has this remix not popped onto my recommendations until now, I have like 5 versions of this song in my music playlist.

  17. Bad apple elle est bien c:

  18. Came hear to bass test my headphones and rape my ears with the best remix

  19. God launcher says:

    Дай ссылку на вокал пж