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Cartoon Network commercials from April 1999

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8 Responses

  1. 3:21 scream
    6:26 scream
    6:29 mom scream
    6:32 scream

  2. Narrator: "Excuse me, evil, it's ladies first!"

  3. Imagine if Powerpuff Girls was part of Dexter's Laboratory just like how I Am Weasel was part of Cow and Chicken

  4. I remember the DBZ promos just about every other commercial break.

  5. perualonso says:

    "Coming up next, it's Ed, Edd n Eddy, followed by Cow & Chicken on Cartoon Network."

    Side comment: Great upload. Only flaws are some missing audio promos during the end credits and the Next bumper for Cow & Chicken and Bugs & Daffy is cut short.

  6. Some even rare promos that you've got there, but nice upload.

  7. Mr Ziggy B04 says:

    First by me m8 and it's some point aired during Cartoon Cartoon Fridays block. Anyways, good upload.