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FORTNITE MOBILE vs. PUBG Mobile (ANDROID & iOS, iPhone, iPad)

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27 Responses

  1. TrueTriz says:


  2. Pubg the first one is the best

  3. pubg is for losers fortnite noobs = pubg pro

  4. Fortnite is the best like if u agree

  5. Best Of Jaws says:

    Fortnite mobile is scam. ITS NOT EVEN IN THE APP STORE

  6. Alanel Lol says:

    PUBG never win fortnite is shit

  7. If you said fortnite o would bloxk you and unsubscirb

  8. oh yeah yeah says:

    Dont play pubg mobile play on pc but its obviously better then fortnite

  9. Like= PUBG Mobile
    Comenta= Fortnite

  10. Fornite is like a crybaby game but pubg the better one is badass game

  11. Vinikis says:

    I rather pubg mobile and fortnite switch.

  12. I love both games

  13. Fortnite in 2017: HELL YEAH. Fortnite in 2018 eh. Fortnite in 2019: goodbye fortnite apex is better

  14. chuaghti says:

    Pubg is the kids game I have 100 wins fortnite is best and difficult

  15. Like here who love fortnite

  16. I aanswer is same i love them both pls like here if u love fortnite or pubg is same fortnite is biuilding no vehicles pubf is no building but have a vehicle

  17. Pubg mobile no crazy building which feels like cheating also it's what started battle royale

  18. Gamer Guy says:

    Do you know fortnight is a rip-off to pubg