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How Apple's "1984" Commerical Changed the Super Bowl forever | NFL Films Presents

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38 Responses

  1. Damn never knew 1984 was an eventful year for nfl so many things happened. Walter payton break record, usfl, decline in rating, apple ad, mnf lost viewership to some made for tv movie starring farah fawcett. I never knew any of this i only know just now when abt 2 hours ago i got boring and randomly type "nfl 1984 season" in youtube search bar

  2. Tom Glander says:

    Anyone know who the girl was in that ad?

  3. operamatt says:

    tim cook needs to see this ad again. he’s lost track of the vision and has become big brother.

  4. Rholr says:

    Superbowl 500 was in the la colisium

  5. Yes Mr. Clow. That does indeed blow my mind!

  6. FYRFOX198 says:

    The computer age HAS empowered many people, but Apple has become the very Evil they claimed to be against… When they started censoring Conservatives, they became 1984.

  7. Wow, Greg Popovich was involved with apple!

  8. Noel Tello says:

    1:51 Saul Goodman, Back in the days

  9. Yipiyo says:

    lol commerical

  10. Mister T says:

    Oh Nikita you will never know. Anything about my home!!

  11. Anthony 69 says:

    Why do people like this commercial

  12. Tom Brady says:

    but it was a tide ad

  13. So ironic that now my iPhone has actual spyware so “big brother” can literally watch my every moment from the front camera to the rear to the data on my phone.

  14. PeterHyse92 says:

    This ad is famous LEGEND commercial, isn't it?

  15. Hunter says:

    And now apple has become the platform for sheeple.

  16. Gary Simmons says:

    No Lee Clow. Advertising might be creative, but it is NOT artistic.

  17. Sinbreaker says:

    Funny how two decades later that Apple is the opposite of their 1984 commercial…

  18. Probably only thing good about that Super Bowl

  19. Player bu says:

    That's where youtube was made as well

  20. Elite Gshaw says:

    I can just whip it out, and hold it up and let people take a look

  21. Lil Looch says:

    Steve jobs looks like mopi "Tyler" from jezzerthelazer

  22. I miss Steve Jobs ego…

  23. 99% of kids today have no idea what 1984 was even about, not having opened a book in their lives.

  24. Solsist __ says:

    1984? Change of technology? George Orwell anyone?

  25. Freddy Vlogs says:

    Looks like some Pink Floyd: The Wall type shit

  26. elchucofried says:

    Damn this commercial is deep as fuck

  27. NewWaveFan1 says:

    The other one I'll never forget was Enron's ask why? commericals…

  28. BDM JnR says:

    The lee guy looks like Greg papovich

  29. Now, this is by far the best version of the "1984" advertisement that I have seen so far. Why doesn't somebody just upload it without the ugly sidebars?

  30. darthrevan6 says:

    I wonder what the workers in China abused and exploited making Apple products would think of the 1984 ad.

  31. 4th….but a few days later & real late….but I'm still 4th baby