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Top 10 Worst Disney Movies

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22 Responses

  1. idk in the past, i actually enjoy "mars need mom"

  2. I wanted to dye because of Home of the Range.

  3. I like G-Force xD

  4. Sketchy Wolf says:

    fun fact: about 4 years back, home on the range was one of my favorite movies, and even to this day G-Force is one of my top 5. im not gonna go chew you out for putting thees on the list, but im just tossing my opinion into the sea of comments

  5. Pinku Plinku says:

    HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!!!! (Imagine me yelling that as being dumbfounded that that wasn't on the list)

  6. david mead says:

    4:24 The inventor of comedy as well as every single great comedian that has ever lived is turning in their graves or is typing up a review marking this movie as the horrible horrible horrible pile of flaming crap that is. Genies reaction is exactly what happened when I heard this joke and the only redeeming factor is that reminded me of Aladdin not to mention Robin Williams is probably turning in his grave at the fact that a far better film that he was in is used as a punchline to a joke about this really really dumb joke

  7. Comment Sins says:

    I actually thought that, despite the moral of the story being repetitive, Cars and Planes (1 for both) were actually not that bad. I certainly liked Cars one more than Planes one but…hey, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Now, Planes 2 on the other hand, that blows both movies outta the water. Planes 2 takes a pretty relative story and premise and, not gonna lie, I love the flow of this movie. You know it's predictable but there's something about it that in my eyes…I cannot help but like.

  8. mrniilo 92 says:


  9. mrniilo 92 says:

    i love the black cauldron

  10. mrniilo 92 says:


  11. Jamjarface says:

    wohwoh hold up my boy chicken little

  12. Rogue Tom says:

    10:41 Um, what? That's not a good message??

  13. My friend like's all of the teen beach's movie's…..I would be lying if I said it is'nt a guilty pleaser

  14. whats your opinon on BIG TIME RUSH?

  15. mightywizard says:

    maleficen was bad

  16. Lian Briceno says:

    I like cars and kinda planes

  17. I liked the second movie to the hunchback of notre dame II and I'm glad and actually suprised and glad you didn't put it on the list! The hunchback of notre dame is my favorite disney film (",)

  18. How to train your dragon also had a main character who was verbally and physically abused by everyone, and neglected by his father, but that is probably the greatest DreamWorks movie of all time?!

  19. MAMAOU 4Life says:

    I agree Planes is baf

  20. MAMAOU 4Life says:

    Completely disagree 9:47 that movie is great you never watched it
    It's awesome
    You said this thing on your intro sorry

  21. Wwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaattttttt g-force is hilarious

  22. i like cars planes